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“I was invited to do a TEDx Talk and, although I do a fair amount of speaking as Mayor, I never had to craft a talk at this level before. It would be seen not only by a live audience, but by many others as a TED video.

Deborah Lee truly empowered me by her excellent coaching to a new level of confidence, and fully supported me to work through any issues holding me back. Her attention to the details of what would make my performance stand out and her dedication to my excellence, resulted in a standing ovation and a sense of mastery in my public speaking.

I would recommend Deborah Lee to anyone who wants to speak authentically and powerfully.”

Heidi Harmon, Mayor
Tom photo 3
"As an author of a book that recently became an Amazon bestseller, Deborah Lee was instrumental in helping me elevate my public speaking skills, as I increasingly received requests for media interviews and speaking engagements.

She coached me on the nuances of professional techniques that helped me reach a new level of audience engagement, confidence, and finesse as I launched my professional speaking career.

Throughout the process, she genuinely cared about my development and supported me in cultivating the discipline needed to achieve my goals, all while keeping me on track despite my very busy schedule.

I whole-heartedly endorse Deborah Lee to all high-achieving professionals who wish to become more visible in their careers and become recognized as leaders and experts.  In these times, public speaking is fundamental to those who want to accelerate their careers and excel at communicating, both personally and professionally."

Tom Franciskovich, Journalist and Speaker
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"I worked with Deborah Lee recently when I was asked to give a TEDx Talk. As a CEO I speak fairly often, but knowing I’d be live in front of over 1200 people and that thousands or more around the world would potentially see the video of my talk, I wanted to reach a higher professional skill level.

Deborah Lee was both honest and very supportive of what I needed to do to make my talk really stand out. She gave me specific techniques, a rehearsal schedule, and very productive feedback to ensure I would reach my goal to excel.  I feel it was the best talk I’ve given to date and the standing ovation I received confirmed that.

We worked very effectively by Internet sessions, and I recommend Deborah Lee as a speaking coach whether you’re in business or a profession where you want to get your message out and be recognized as a powerful speaker and presenter.”

Chris Mann, CEO
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"I'm an internationally-known author and requested Deborah Lee's coaching
support to help me with book tour interviews and speaking to various
not-for-profit groups, including one that I founded, as well as to other
audiences. Deborah Lee taught me several methods to effectively handle
speaking anxiety and to tailor my content, as well as the ability to
understand and connect with my audiences more deeply. I truly appreciate
her knowledge and her caring and supportive approach to my growth and

Tina Swithin, Author, Mentor and Divorce Coach
Marty imes
“I began working with Deborah Lee when I was invited to give a keynote
presentation at a major industry conference only one month away. Although I had
delivered a handful of smaller presentations in the past, I struggled with
self-doubt and anxiety when it came to speaking before large audiences.

Deborah Lee helped me develop the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome
these challenges, and made the idea and the act of public speaking far
less intimidating and way more fun! While working together, her coaching
greatly strengthened my confidence, and she did a great job providing actionable feedback on content and delivery that made my presentation a total success!

Not only was I able to deliver my presentation with ease and confidence,
but immediately after delivering it, I received glowing reviews from the
audience. As a double-bonus, I was invited to speak at
two other events and received inquiries for potential consulting jobs.

If you're interested in elevating your public speaking skills, including video, and become recognized as an expert or thought leader in your field, you should definitely work with Coach Deb. She does an incredible job sharing her expertise in a way that's focused, supportive, and fun!"

Marty Imes, Business Culture Consultant

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“Deborah Lee is a fantastic speaker coach! As a professional motivational and inspirational speaker with over 20 years of experience, I wanted to create some new material when asked to do a TEDx event - a talk that would inspire the audience, along with the vast numbers of potential U.S and international viewers of the video.

Deborah was key to helping me hone the material and provide valuable feedback about how to get my message across in a way that would impact my audience, make it memorable, and have them share it with others. I knew it was a success when I got a standing ovation.

She was helpful in making the major adjustments to my speech to recognizing and suggesting nuances in my performance that made it much better. I found her both highly professional and fun to work with, and I’ve since been asked to give paid performances of this talk with comments such as, " Best speaker we ever had speak at this event."

Deborah Lee knows how to coach experienced professionals like myself to even greater success, and I was truly grateful for her support. I strongly encourage any speaker or anyone having to give a speech to have Deborah help make their speech a success. I have personally recommended her to several of my fellow professional speakers.”

Todd Huston, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Susan harney photo20171003 21328 wgqunw
"I was transitioning from one career into a new one, and Deborah Lee was instrumental in helping me gain the confidence I needed to hold successful professional workshops on my own for the first time. She taught me how to really engage the audience and become more dynamic and effective when I present. She also helped me develop marketing materials, like emails and videos, so that I could attract people to my new business and events.

I’ve learned so much from her and had a great time in the process. She truly cared about my professional growth and me personally during this daunting professional leap, and I'm thrilled with my transformation as a speaker, as well as all of the support she provided."

Susan Harney, LMFT
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"I am a seasoned professional with quite a bit of speaking experience, but wanted to take the quality of my presentations and workshops to a whole new level. I knew I needed some help to polish my style, since I wanted to not only improve the experience of my current audience, but also to update my website with videos to promote my business and extend my outreach to a national clientele.

Deborah Lee helped me refine my speaking style so that I can become a more powerful and effective speaker. She showed me how to connect to my audience in a more authentic and engaging way, and gave me the kinds of tools and structure I was looking for that would allow me to further advance my presentation expertise. I am more confident than ever and happily booking more speaking engagements and creating videos that are attracting the attention of my desired clients.

I highly recommend Deborah Lee for her insightful approach, the usefulness of her training, and the value of the results she provides!"

Lorna Whiteaker, Business Consultant
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"I do presentations to thousands of professionals each year on new tax law and specific taxation subjects. The courses cover a large volume of materials in a short period of time and I must be able to hold attendees’ interest for hours on what can be very dry subject matter. I receive feedback from the attendees as part of professional education standards and knew I had room for improvement in my presentation skills.

Deborah worked with me in person and through video conferencing. She helped me improve my presentation skills so that I could be more engaging with my audience. She helped me with proper breathing techniques, modifying my facial and body expressions, and even providing assistance with visual aids. After Deborah’s coaching I was able to improve my presentations and the scores received from attendees increased measurably from past years. Deborah left me with exercises that I continue to use to help me improve my speaking skills. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah Lee for anyone who wants to take their presentations to the next level."

Mark Seid, Financial Management
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“I recently made a significant change in my career from the executive corporate world to becoming a career coach. I worked with Deborah Lee to help me shape and frame my messaging for my new business, and to become comfortable in speaking to potential clients and others about what I do and how I can best serve them – both live and on video.

I experienced a substantial shift in my confidence and abilities in speaking and presenting, as well as overcoming fears about being more visible and authentic. Deborah Lee was so helpful in teaching me the professional skills I needed, and now being able to connect with my audiences in a successful and meaningful way.  I truly enjoyed working with her!”

B. J. Gray, Career Coach​​​​​​​
Zoe headshot20171103 17639 15101ym
"I got invited to give my first TEDx Talk at 15-years-old. Deborah Lee was so helpful in giving me an understanding of who the audience would be and how best to reach them with my message. She had great ideas in shaping my talk, such as how to add in humorous stories and provide a variety of emotional impact. Her coaching greatly enhanced my performance skills, and I got a standing ovation and a lot of positive feedback on my talk. Thank you, Deborah Lee!"

Zoe "Rooster" Rosenberg, Activist
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“In my junior year in college I was asked to give a TEDx talk about my work in helping create prosthetic devices. I had a little speaking experience, but nothing to prepare me to speak at this level. Deborah Lee was so helpful in working with me with everything from the best ways to warm up my voice and body to creating novel ways to enhance my vocal variety.

She showed me the best ways to practice, maximize my stage presence, overcome anxiety, and gain a lot of confidence. With all of her support, I was able to deliver a great talk and even have fun doing it. The icing on the cake was receiving a standing ovation. I would highly recommend Deborah Lee to anyone wishing to shine in their public speaking!”

Caroline Skae, BioEngineering Professional
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"I can’t tell you how much I valued Deborah Lee’s coaching, guidance, and support in preparing for my TEDx talk, and it was a huge success! When I felt really stuck, she helped me shape both the message and delivery to excellence.  I was proud of my performance before the sold-out crowd, and so appreciative of what I learned from Deborah Lee!"

Sara Bendrick, Landscape Contractor/Designer & DIY Network TV Show Host
Nancy kington photo20170524 2776 kpnle0
“I began working with Deborah Lee because I had recently started a new business and wanted to learn how to feel comfortable speaking in front of people, and learn ways to best promote my business.

Deborah Lee helped boost my speaking confidence, gave me extremely helpful assignments and extensive feedback on my talks and presentation material.  She also helped me feel comfortable on camera and create videos for my business marketing.

She is a wealth of information and creative ideas!  Her excellent coaching and caring approach took me out of my comfort zone to a new level, so that I can get out there to promote my business and help others with my presentations and expertise.”

Nancy Kington, Employment Services Expert
Chris garner20170524 4209 149tupk
“I was close to graduating from Cal Poly, and was asked to do a full business presentation as a part of an interview process for my ideal job with a Fortune 100 company.

Although it was only a week away and I had little presentation experience, Deborah Lee helped calm my fears, taught me to speak in a more professional and powerful way, and showed me how to rehearse effectively in a short time. She helped me organize and craft my presentation into something I was really proud of -- and I ended up getting that great job.

She understood exactly what I needed, and went above and beyond what I had asked for.  I would highly recommend her for whatever speaking needs you may have.”

C.G., Wealth Management Associate
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"I have been a professor for more than a decade, and teaching and giving research presentations for nearly two decades.  However, giving a TEDx talk was unlike any talk I had previously given.  Deborah Lee provided me with essential coaching – on a range of methods and techniques - that enabled me to give a highly successful performance resulting in a standing ovation.  She also equipped me with skills to help me cope with excess adrenaline prior to going on stage.

I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance that helped me take my talk to the next level.  I feel like I have gained a new level of comfort and confidence in my professional speaking from this experience.  If you are looking for ways to maximize your speaking potential, do not hesitate to seek her skillful guidance to present your work in the most impactful way possible.”

Julie Garcia, Professor
Heather smith20161215 16807 rbziht
"Deborah Lee helped me create the most effective ways to talk to potential clients about my business and what I offer. During our Internet sessions, she showed me how to get clarity with my messaging, and diminish my fears and shyness about telling others how I can best help them through my networking and marketing. I love the fact that she gets who I am and does not want me to play small, but to succeed at my very best."

Heather Smith, Life Coach and Energy Healer
Luke fox20170119 29753 xqo52u
"In preparing for my TEDx talk, Deborah Lee helped hone my content and perfect my delivery - and I received a standing ovation! Her coaching was so supportive in helping me gain the confidence that I had a TED-worthy talk to give and that I could actually do it.  I highly recommend Deborah Lee to anyone wanting to excel in public speaking, whether as a lifetime skill or a for an upcoming engagement.”

Luke Fox, Foster Youth Advocacy and Defense Technologies CEO

Luke's highly successful TEDx Talk has received over 288,000 views on YouTube. You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSTUSxdGaMo
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"I was struggling to create effective ways of communicating to key audiences for my business. Deborah Lee was instrumental in helping me to gain confidence in speaking to potential clients and larger audiences. Her creativity and supportive coaching style is opening new doors for me to reach desired clients.

The value I feel from her assistance to stay on message and keeping me on track is reaping a great return. Thanks for everything!"

Dana Cumings, Design Professional
Caity mccardell laughing box 20020161215 31950 q5q1a5
"Deborah Lee was key to helping me develop effective strategies for my business and communication goals. She has an intuitive ability to listen to my needs to create a clear vision, and support me in taking consistent action to reach those goals. Her coaching inspired new passion for my work and what I can achieve to help others.

It was such a pleasure to work with her!"

Caity McCardell, Wellness Professional